Update on research & rewards

Hello dear crowfunding supporters and permaculture enthusiasts, I hope you are all doing well!

It’s a bit more than 1 year since I’ve returned from the amazing PRT and started compiling the information I’ve collected, during my 12 months is AUS and 3 months in the US.

In total I’ve studied 10 projects: 6 mature permaculture projects (from farms to learning centers, to communities), 2 younger permaculture projects in sub-urban and urban context and 2 other projects that don’t call themselves permaculture, but are doing amazing work also in regeneration and sustainability.

Finding the best way to share all the amazing information I was collecting (photographs, maps, interviews, written notes from on the ground experiences and so on) has been a great challenge.

Specially, because as a permaculture educator I wanted to describe each project through the PC lens, highlighting its design options while showing ecological principles and ethics in action.

Having in mind that some of you may only want to get inspired while others may want go deep in understanding each project, I’ve been creating 3 different types of materials:

  • Reports, sharing in depth information about each permaculture design and design process. These reports are patterned in a way that aims to give a systemic view of each project (and whole systems design). – this is very much strategic and I am working in it with my friend Sara W., an amazing PC designer and educator!

  • Diary book, where I share stories about daily life in each place, how people live sustainably and why in an informal and personal way.

  • Website, with a summary of the main aspects of the projects and many images of sustainability principles and ethics in action. It is a great complement to the Diary because it has many photos.

The reports and the diary book will take a bit longer to present.

The website is what I want to share with you now and the reason why I am doing this video. I want to take you through the website so that you can make the most out of it. Ok let’s go!

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