Crystal Water, a permaculture eco-village

My first Eco-village experience!

I spent 2 weeks at Crystal Waters, the 1st large scale rural settlement in Australia to be designed with permaculture principles :)

I was very fortunate to stay with Max Lindgger and Trudi, his wife. Max, a permaculture pioneer with more then 30 years of experience, was actually the first person ever giving a PDC (Permaculture Design Course), he was asked by Bill Mollison to do the 1st and 2nd PDCs.

Max is amazing! And once more, wise men are humble! His passion for permaculture and the Ecovillage movement are contagious. I’m so grateful for the time spent with him at his place :)

Crystal Waters has 83 residential lots and host more the 200 people. The landscape planning was thoroughly thought of by Max and 3 other colleagues in the 80’s. The biggest part of it is Common Land (managed by the Body-Corporate, which represent the owners). Common land includes forests, agroforests areas, agricultural land and wilderness areas.

The work done with the roads and dams (the roads being amazing dam walls) as well with the positioning of the houses in is impressive. Everything so well integrated in the landscape!

Sometime it seems I'm living in a dream, thank you all for making this possible!

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