Djanbung Gardens, Permaculture College

Djanbung Gardens, another great project I had the privilege to include in my research :)

I’m very grateful to Robyn Francis for welcoming me so warmly at her place and for finding the time in between so many tasks to show me around and to seat with me through my long list of questions.

Djanbung Gardens is a great example of permaculture design. It was designed to be a permaculture educational center and has function as the Permaculture College Australia, with the National Accredited Permaculture Training, since 2003.

I was lucky to be there during college time to meet the students and exchange ideas. Was very impressed by their curriculum and syllabus, one of the best I’ve seen so far in the permaculture scene! It is the kind of work I imagine doing when combining what I’ve learned in permaculture design and landscape architecture.

Robyn is an amazing designer and she takes it to a professional level!

I was also impressed with Jarlanbah, a permaculture hamlet designed by Robyn in 1992, its great to see permaculture applied to bigger planning scale.

And great to know the village of Nimbin that is much more then the “alternative” place many tourists think it is, it’s a great example of community spirit and sustainable community practices!

Thank you as well to Mel, Andrew, Sam, Merili and all the students for your great hospitality!

Djanbubg Gardens Master Plan

(panflet that provides visitors with a guided tour)

Sitting corner bellow the beautiful Magnolias (its important to have recreational areas along the space)

Main building (ortogonal contruction, made of natural materials). Classroom and library.

With Robyn Francis at the airport, just before she left to Europe :)

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