A great weekend working with Rowe!

What a great weekend at the Blue Mountains with Rosemary Morrow (Rowe) working on the research. Full on work!

Rowe is mentoring this research for some months now. We have been sharing ideas since I arrived in Australia, usually by phone.

Rowe's household project at the Blue Mountains will be included in my study and I will spend a few weeks with her in December to report it. But this weekend we met to update my reports' structure and questionnaire.

I'm so grateful that Rowe finds time, in between so many projects she has, to contribute to this research. It's a pleasure and honor to have her working with me and benefit from her wide experience and knowledge.

It was great working together! We dove deep in the importance of the design processes, the design thinking, the ethics... Much of what I've came here to observer and understand.

In between we visited some of Rowe's old houses in Katoomba, amazing examples of Permaculture design. Very inspiring!

Such a gift to have Rowe's guidance :)

With Rowe at the famouse "Three sisters" in the Blue Mountains:

Katoomba's cultural center and library. I would love to have such a center at home!

One of Rowe's old homes. The couple that lives there at the moment does not produce much food, but they kept the main garden structure and we could see that it still fucntions very well. Good Design is structural!

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