Amazing experiences at Terra Preta Truffles

Terra Preta Truffles, another great project I'm fortunate to include in this research!

Peter & Kate Marshal are doing a remarkable regeneration work in their land (more than 500 ha near Braidwood, NSW). They have been transforming what was once a dairy farm landscape, with poor soils, no trees and big erosion gullies, in a healthy idyllic landscape.

The water table rose, the soil is full of life, trees everywhere (including very rare species that Peter has been collecting) birds that migrate from Japan and Siberia... its amazing!

And as a result of 25 year of good management they are also having now a big success with black truffles, showing that regeneration work can be rewarding for your soul and your economy!

I'm learning so much here: pruning with various saws and chainsaws, farm burning, tree planting, fungi inoculation, chinampa design... and soon Yeomans plow, an amazing experience!

This project its not in the "permaculture scene" but I would recommend any permaculture enthusiast to get to know it!

Thank you all!

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