Working on Melliodora's report...

Enthusiastically working on the research report about Melliodora!

This is my 7th week at Melliodora, the heart of permaculture. My understatement of permaculture living and permaculture design as evolved incredibly since I came here.

Nothing better than being with David Holmgren, one of the co-creators of permaculture, to deepen my knowledge. And such a gift to share his family life with him and his partner Su Dennet.

Su is an amazing permaculture practioneer in her day to day household choices, like she says "sustainable living starts at the personal level".

Once again, thank you all for supporting this research!! I'm giving my best, in heart and brain!

Going around the property with the master plan is a great way to understand the design and why its options:

Tea house, the most inspiring "office" I could ask for:

The main house and the kitchen gardens:

David cutting a few trees for fire wood:

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