Open consultancy with Darren Doherty

A great day and great live intro to Regrarians design framework with Darren Doherty!

I've taken part on a great field trip with Darren as he walked through a 80-acre property in Guildford, reading the landscape and consulting the owners, Xu and Ben, on how they could transform their piece of land into a productive and sustainable agricultural system.

As a landscape architect/permaculture designer I was very keen to accompany Darren's consultancy and learn about his Regrarians design process.

Darren is writing a book that I believe will be an valuable guide for permaculture designers and anyone interested in regenerative and productive landscape design.

Permaculture needs books that emphasize design, thanks Darren!

And thanks Lisa for your warming presence!

Such a pleasure to meet both Lisa and Darren :)

*Regrarians website:

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