Open day at Yandoit Farm

Michael and Lisa Jackson welcome the community at Yandoit farm and joined the group! Me, Julia and Patrícia (the present Melliodora woofing team) cycled from Melliodora to Yandoit farm and joined the open day.

Its alway great to see people getting together to share experiences, knowledge, ideas and to empower each other.

Michael started by giving us a thorough description of the farm. He spoke about how degraded and depleted the land was when they bought it and the their exciting plans to restore and and make a living from the farm.

Darren Doherty, David Holmgren and Dan Palmer have been consulting Michael and Lisa about the best approach to achieve their goals and regenerate their broadacre farm land.

I found some interesting movies about the farm development.

Here Dan Palmer explaining the farm characteristics and some of the conceptual design intentions for the farm:

Here Darren Doherty sketching a conceptual plan and explaining in detail the design thinking for the farm:

Michael took us on a tour around the farm to see the earthworks that have already been done - the roads and the main dam - as well as the areas that have beed ripped with the Yeomans plow.

The implementation of the farm design will take some years and I was pleased to understand that Michael and Lisa are not in a hurry and are respecting each step of the process.

Considering the "scale of permanence" as a framework for analysis, master plan design and implementation, we could see its first elements (landform, water, and access) implemented and working.

Here some pics when the earthworks and plowing were done (2014):

Although the area around the house and the house itself haven't been developed yet, we could see some temporary vegetable gardens close to the house. These kitchen gardens are providing Michael and Lisa with plenty vegetables and herbs while their project evolves.

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