Talking about Design

I had two great talks about the importance of design thinking and the design process in permaculture with Dan Palmer and Darren Doherty & Lisa Heenan.

I met Dan at the VEG warehouse ( and went for a coffee down the road. It was interesting to share ideas and realize that Dan has similar thoughts as I do, regarding design and how it should be prioratized in the "permaculture scene".

Through Dan I manage to combine a coffe with Darren and Lisa from Regrarians. After many years following their work, it was great to meet them in person.

Very nice people and another great talk about design. Darren shares similar thoughts as Dan regarding the importance of following a design process if we want to do proper design work in permaculture.

Darren told me a bit about his new book ( and how he is utilizing the scale of permanence (a design framework I also use in my designs) and adaptining it to his own experience. For sure a great book for anyone wanting to go deeper into design thinking.

Later on, surfing the web I found this video whith Dan Palmer, Darren Doherty and David Holmgren speaking about design and the importance of cooporating as designers.

I couldn't agree more with what they say!

These fundamental questions were one of the reasons I've decided to come on this tour and I'm so relief to find out that after all I'm not the only thinking in this way... Thank you 3 Ds!

I've studied landscape architecture for 5 years and have been passionate about permaculture design for another 5 now. As a landscape architect I've thoroughly learned the importance of planning and as a permaculture designer I've understood how empowering it is to get ground work done.

I know many permaculture projects that have rushed into implementation and therefore did not follow any design process... and yes, this can lead to big challenges sooner or later.

Understanding where is the sweet spot between invisible and visible work is my research goal, and I'll give my best to come up with a balanced approach.

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