The Plummery

"The Plummery" is an inspiring urban permaculture project in the center of Melbourne.

I left Adelaide and "The Food Forest" project and arrived in Melbourne to stay at "The Plummery".

An amazing urban permaculture example. Wonderful hospitality, beautiful little cottage made of natural materials!

Most of us live in cities, but that doesn't mean that we can't live sustainably and help to regenerate the systems that around us. Kat and Nick are an example of how anyone can retrofit their houses and lives towards sustainable living.
They have been doing an amazing work in their 240m2 of land in the middle of crowded Melbourne. They produce all the vegetables and herbs they consume and most of the fruits they eat. And the surplus, they manage to swap or trade with the local community.


My room is a beautiful light earth building, made of clay, sand and straw ;)

Helping Kat setting the winter vegetable beds and caring fro the fruit trees


Monitoring the humanure with Kat. "Produce no waste" ;)

Retrofiting the house to maximize comfort. Using simple and cheap solutions...

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