Fryers Forest is a rural eco-village in central Victoria with 11 residential plots of 1 acre, in 300 acres of common native forest. 

Project leaders
David Holmgren, Su Dennett &
Fryers forest community
Fryers Forest, Victoria
Type (land use)
300 acres
Project duration
15 years


"Fryers Forest is a rural eco-village in central Victoria consisting of 11 residential titles (1 acre each) clustered within 300 acres of common native forest. In the mid 1990’s Samantha and Haridas Fairchild joined forces with David Holmgren and Su Dennett to develop the Fryers Forest ecovillage using permaculture ethics and design principles. Since 1999 the Fryers Forest Owners Corporation has represented the lot owners in management of the community land and assets as well as governance of the private lots.

In the absence of a Fryers Forest Community  website, Holmgren Design provides the following historical and limited information about the  residential lots and round timber and firewood sales.





The first lots were sold by the developer (Fryers Forest Research and Development) in 1998 and the last was sold in 2006. Since then most lots have been developed and some have changed hands. Eight of the original couples are still resident and some second generation “foresters” maintain a strong connection to the place.  The planning of the subdivision, infrastructure of roads, water supply and services as well as the community rules and guidelines were established using permaculture principles. Holmgren Design Services have provided planning and design expertise as well as management throughout this process. All of the 11 residential lots were sold by informal “word of mouth getting to know you” approach. The inclusion of the following flyer text on this web page is to provide general information rather than to directly recruit new community members.





1. Freehold title to rural residential block (approx. 1 acre) with the following features;

·         gravity fed dam water supply with allocation of 1.0 Megalitre

·         maintained road access

·         underground mains power with potential for solar grid feedback

·         telephone

·         planning permit

·         well drained sheltered site with good sun exposure

good views and privacy easements from adjacent blocks


2. Share ownership (one eleventh) of 120 ha (300 acres) of common land which provides the following amenities;


·         substantial water supply dams and amenity lake

·         extensive vehicle and pedestrian access system

·         serviced community building site and stage one construction fund

·         recreational parkland and managed common forest

·         opportunities for part livelihoods from working the common land

·         access to future timber, stone and agricultural produce at low prices

·         secluded location surrounded by state park catchment

·         Village Council with body corporate land management plan

·         increasing timber and capital values


3. Allotment and architectural design advice from Holmgren Design Services plus owners’ manual with detailed information and guidelines based on permaculture design principles.


4. Initial stock of dry firewood, bush timber and topsoil (from common land)




The common land at the Fryers Forest Community is being husbanded to encourage the growth of larger retained trees by thinning smaller and stunted trees. This provides yields of firewood and durable post and pole timbers. Wood is sold from the property to customers in the central Victorian and Melbourne region as part of a long term sustainable management which will improve both the ecological and timber assets values of the community land.





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