In this blog you will find pictures, regular posts and extra information about each project I visit during the "Permaculture Research Tour". I'll be sharing experiences and ideas resulting from the study I'm doing through Australia and the US in search for mature examples of permaculture design, aiming sustainable living and land restoration. It is mostly a way to share with my crowdfuning supporters and other permaculture enthusiasts what I see, do and learn! 


I will be posting regular articles as I go as well as extra information about each of the projects I visit.


Hope you enjoy!



My name is Nice (Eunice) and I am a young Portuguese landscape architect and permaculture designer passionate about creative & ethical ways of caring for ouselves and the planet.


I’ve finished my landscape architecture studies in 2007, worked in Holland for a couple of years and then traveled to Nepal to volunteer in an ecological village for orphan children. In Nepal I discovered permaculture and since then it has become one of my biggest passions and enthusiasms.


In the past 5 years I’ve been dedicated to deepen my knowledge and experiences in permaculture and combine these with my landscape architecture skills. 

I’ve taken a number of specific courses on permaculure, developed several projects (small/large scale, urban/rural) and facilitated various Permaculture trainings. To continue to develop my work as a permaculture designer and enthusiast I've realized I needed to observe and experience mature examples of permaculture design and that was the main reason I’ve created the permaculture research tour around Australia, the birth country of permaculture, and the US.


With the help of more then 150 people through a successful crowdfunding this research was made possible and... here I am, thanks to all of you amazing supporters!



If you would like to know more about my work and experience, what I have been doing in the last years, have a look at my portfolio in the website "Paisagens Permanentes - Arquitectura Paisagista e Permacultura" / Permanent Landscapes - Permaculture & Landscape Architecture:




If you would like to know more about the purpose of this research tour, the projects included and the journey and please visit the website:


To know about the crowdfunding and the amazing people that made it all this possible please visit:


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